This school board seat belongs to the people of the WLWV community. I am honored by the hundreds of parents, community members and local business owners that have chosen to endorse my candidacy. Thank you. 

What People Are Saying About Gail

I’ve known Gail Greenman for over four years now and I can safely say my life is truly better having her as a friend. She is the most honest, kind and hardworking person I know. She is the person people go to if there is a problem or if you need an ear. No matter what the issue, she is there to lend a hand, listen and find a solution. I can think of no person more suitable to be on the West Linn-Wilsonville School Board. I am not only eager to see what she will bring to the table, I am so excited for the school district and the City of West Linn to have someone truly in their corner. I know she will help make this school district the best it can be.

Bobi Brubaker, WLWV Parent

I had the pleasure of getting to know Gail Greenman over the past year through co-chairing the Trillium Creek Auction. Gail always made it priority to have a successful event but more importantly, that people felt a sense of community. This was the first year in Trillium’s history the staff and their partner were able to come for free. Through the planning process I was able to observe Gail’s organizational skills, detailed planning, follow through, love of community, patience, attention to detail, and amazing work ethic. 

As I got to know Gail, it became apparent that she would be an asset to West Linn on a larger scale. What makes me believe Gail would be a great addition to the West Linn/Wilsonville School Board is her experience interpreting and understanding legislation. Gail has worked at the state and federal level lobbying for non-profits as an executive leader. Some of these associations include the Federally Impacted Schools Education Foundation and National Association of Federally Impacted Schools. We need someone that can see 3-5 years down the road and who anticipates potential issues before they become legislation. Once things are passed, it is very difficult if not impossible to change the trajectory. 

I’m honored to call Gail my friend and 1000% believe she would be an incredible West Linn/Wilsonville School Board Member. 

Julie Miller, WLWV Parent & West Linn HS Graduate (Class of 96)

As a member of the West Linn/Wilsonville community for the last 7 years, Gail was one of the first women I met.  First, I noticed her warmth as a mother, wife and friend. She has a huge giving heart to love her family, love her community and stand up for what’s right.  I respect how she values ALL children! Her professional experience will add so much value to the West Linn Wilsonville School Board. Gail has personally given me advice as we’ve navigated disruptive learning environments for our own children and I believe she has a voice that needs to be heard and back bone to create change. We need someone that can understand the cause and effect the decisions a school board makes, Gail has 20+ years of experience that has prepared her for this journey.   Thank you Gail for stepping up, we’re grateful for your love, energy, thoroughness and  thoughtfulness you will bring to this position! 

Margarita Kiker, WLWV Parent

It is my honor and privilege to both cast my vote and endorse Gail Greenman for Position 2 on the WLWV School Board.

I initially had the pleasure of getting to know Gail while our young children attended the same preschool. During this time an unfortunate thing happened – my daughter was one of three students to contract E. coli 0157:H7 while at school. During this time Gail was an invaluable force. Aside from being a caring friend and parent to me, her background, education, and experience in public policy helped her to advocate for the safety of our kids. When families were not being heard by Clackamas County and State of Oregon health departments, Gail stepped in to organize meetings, procedures, and mandatory testing. Thanks to Gail, our collective voices were heard.

Gail Greenman is exactly what our school board needs – we need a strong voice of a West Linn-Wilsonville parent – and she is it. As a lobbyist she knows the ins and outs of Oregon’s government and procedures which will help her to advocate and implement so many changes that need to happen to better the schools in our community. It is time to come together to improve our schools. Please join me and cast your vote for Gail Greenman.

Meagan An, WLWV Parent

I am very excited to endorse Gail Greenman for West Linn/Wilsonville School Board Position 2. Our children have attended Trillium Creek Primary School together and I have admired Gail from the day we met. She is a person our community knows and adores.

Gail has successfully and tirelessly volunteered on several Trillium Creek Primary School PTA committees in various capacities over the years.  She has dedicated thousands of hours to our school community.  When volunteering, she is a constant positive role model for all children involved acting with integrity, caring and thoughtfulness.

She has shown and proven herself to be a strong advocate for the betterment of our students and school.  She is not afraid to ask the tough questions to make sure administration has done their homework.  Gail is known throughout the community to have an enthusiastic and warm demeanor that makes her easy to approach by students and parents alike.  She is someone that can be counted on to step in on any level to lend a helping hand, offer support and take action when it is needed most. 

Gail knows education and she knows policy, but more importantly she knows what parents, students and teachers are pleading for; support and a voice. She recognizes that the factors our schools, students and families are facing today are complex and connected.  Instead of splitting sides, I believe Gail to be a candidate that will look for solutions that bring all sides together.  This is the kind of person I want making decisions and representing the best interests of our children and our community. 

“I try each and everyday to tackle life with the most I have to give, hold strong in my belief of service to others, to remain humble, yet confident, strong, not abrasive and most of all kind, empathic and giving.” Gail Greenman

I have personally observed and can 110% confirm that Gail is true to her word, motivation and dedication.

If voted into office, I have every confidence that she will work tirelessly on highlighting Student Resources, enhancing Communication, supporting Advocacy for our students and families, and establishing a 21st Century School Council that will focus on student safety & staff safety, identifying and reviewing school improvement programs, parent engagement, school budgets and discipline as she has committed.

I cannot think of a better candidate!

Please join me in voting for Gail Greenman for West Linn/Wilsonville School Board Position 2. 

Tana Allori, WLWV Parent

Gail Greenman is passionate about providing the best public education possible to our WLWV district kids. She is deeply invested in the success of our schools as a parent with two school-age kids in the district. Gail brings decades of public policy expertise to this seat. She knows how to get things done. Maybe more important, Gail values (and models) careful listening, mutual respect, and positive engagement with our parents, kids, teachers, administrators, and district officials. Gail will always do the right thing, for the right reasons, and in the right way. Gail Greenman is exactly the kind of leader we need on the WLWV school board.

Dave Dillon, Non Profit Executive and WLWV Parent

Seven years ago Gail Greenman enrolled her oldest child in my preschool class. Over the next several years I witnessed Gail’s willingness to love and support the children in my class in whatever way she could. If my class had a need, she would always do her best to meet that need. I know that Gail will bring the same love, passion and commitment to the children of the WLWV school district. 

Vicke Floyd, Beloved Montessori Teacher

I am writing to endorse Gail Greenman for West Linn Wilsonville School Board position 2. One of the many things I admire about Gail is her leadership. She can recognize a need and then create and accomplish a solution. One example of this was at Trillium Creek Primary School. Gail created the “Owl Help” program at TCPS after realizing families who were in crisis needed our school communities assistance. Gail’s “Owl Help” program sets up Meal Trains for families that have had medical or family emergencies. Many families have been uplifted by this wonderful community gift that Gail created. In serving along side Gail as part of the PTA I have witnessed her extensive knowledge of public policy. Gail is passionate and experienced in this field and will be an asset to the West Linn Wilsonville School Board. It is my privilege and honor to endorse and vote for Gail Greenman.

Stephanie Gettel, WLWV Parent

A you may know from signs and car stickers all around our town of West Linn, a candidate for the West Linn Wilsonville School Board (WLWV) is Gail Greenman. As a citizen and student of WLWV I want a leader with bright ideas and who listens for real. She has gotten along with every person I know, she has experience leading on the Trillium Creek PTA and is one of the heads of Forest Flyers. She is amazing and always has supported adults and kids ideas. I have known Gail for a long time (since she has a daughter around my age) and the whole time she has treated me like a daughter. I brag all the time about knowing such an amazing woman. She is a great candidate because she is including and would do anything to make someone sad, happy or someone lonely, have a great time! WLWV schools WILL be better with Gail as their leader. Vote for a brighter future of fun and caring for you and your kids.

Lyndi, WLWV Student, 5th Grade

Gail Greenman does not know a stranger! The first time I met Gail I was welcomed and greeted with warmth, I knew she was special. I had heard a lot about the “magical Gail” from a mutual friend. I had heard she was this amazing, organized, kind hearted, kid-whisperer,  who could manage chaos with a smile and calm demeanor. I was anxious to see if this was just words, but pleasantly surprised that she was all of this and more! Gail is not one of my longest friends, but certainly one of my closest and best friends of my life. I can count on her for anything. She deeply cares about people and her long history of public service and extensive volunteering for Trillium and the West Linn Wilsonville school district documents this.  She also volunteers as a troop leader for Brownies, c0-chair of Forest Flyers-Trillium running program, the Trillium PTA, she created Owl Help - for families in need, and just helped co-chair the annual giant undertaking of the Trillium auction. She takes a dedicated and clear interest in being present and active part of her children’s lives and children in the community.  

This leads me to why you want Gail elected to the school board. She is doing this for the children! Simply said, she has honest and clear goals and the best of intention for the children of this district!  She is quite often seen at Trillium with a little following of friends that want to say hi or hug Gail, because they know she will give them unconditional love. My own children adore her! They can never go without a hug or a hello to their friend Gail. Every child feels comfortable when Gail is around.  

Not only is Gail a wonderful advocate for children, but she is also familiar with the political side of government on a federal, state, county and community level. Kids need someone who not only cares, but knows HOW to fight for them and their interests. Let’s face it, school is different today than it was when we grew up. The needs of our children are evolving and suicide and depression rates are climbing and school is a social and stressful place for children. Allowing all children to have access to what they need to succeed is something Gail has known and worked with in her advocacy history. The peace of mind that someone cares about children and their future will benefit the children, the community and the lives of all of us.  

Gail is the clear and best choice for this position. Please get your vote in and help make our community the best place to be.  

With lots of love,
Mary Donovan Kirsch, WLWV Parent

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